Boosting Church Community Engagement with Intent


If you're reading this, you're probably interested in the prospect of increasing community engagement for your church. Or perhaps you're just curious about how technology can better support faith-based organisations. Either way, you're in the right place!


We're Intent, a digital service specialising in enhancing the digital journey for churches like yours.

Why Focus on Community Engagement?


First things first: community engagement is a big deal. Think about it, the church isn't just a building or a Sunday morning routine; it's a living, breathing community. In this digital age, keeping your congregation connected goes beyond the four walls of your sanctuary. We're talking newsletters, social media, livestreams, and much more.

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Here comes the Tech Talk

Don't worry; we're not about to start throwing jargon your way. Our team of digital professionals are dedicated to not only provided cutting-edge digital solutions for churches, but also to helping you fully understand the tech-driven results we aim to achieve for your church.


At Intent, we harness the best of modern technology to help you share your message and connect your community, but central to our mission is making sure that it’s easy for you to manage! From easy-to-use mobile apps to digital prayer walls, and even integrating church CRM systems such as ChurchSuite into your website, building your website or full digital presence with Intent brings you a world of possibilities when it comes to building connections within your church and community.

How can Intent help your Church?

Digital Platforms

Did you know that 70% of churchgoers check their church's online platform at least once a week? This means that a well-crafted website or mobile app can be your best friend when it comes to engagement. Let's take it one step further with customisable options that reflect the unique personality and needs of your church.


Streamlined Communications

We've all been there — endless email chains, last-minute announcements, or important news that somehow got lost in the mix. With Intent's digital communication solutions, your community stays in the loop and involved, all through an intuitive interface.


Digital Giving

In 2022 alone, 40% of all donations to churches were made online. Our secure and user-friendly digital giving solutions not only make it easier for your congregation to contribute but also streamline the accounting process on your end.


Social Media Amplification

It's no secret that social media is an incredibly effective tool for community building. Our expert team will guide you through setting up and maintaining your social media presence, ensuring it aligns with your church's message and goals.

Wrapping it up

Building a close-knit, engaged community doesn't happen overnight. But with the right tools and a little guidance from Intent, you're well on your way to fostering meaningful relationships within your congregation and beyond.


Free Digital Consultation

As a special offer, we're delighted to extend a free digital consultation to all prospective new clients. Yes, you heard that right, free! No strings attached, just a heartfelt discussion on how we can support your mission.


Contact us today for your FREE consultation, and let's elevate your church's online presence together.

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